Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's a moffle?

Fans of Petit Custa Ginza's mini-donuts miss their sugar fix from the pop-up Japanese treats. But next up in the rotation at Shirokiya Meika Plaza is the mochi waffle ( aka moffle).

The mochi waffle is made from sweet mochi rice cakes that look like the coasters put beneath your pint at the local pub. The magic happens when the waffle guy spreads on azuki bean jam on one cake. Then he spreads ume on the other cake. He makes a sandwich and places into a heavy waffle iron. Out comes what you see in the posted photo. It's sweet with a hint of sour saltiness. The dusting of matcha green tea as a finish imparts a subtle floral note. You could choose instead to have a dusting of li hing powder.

Photo by Honolulu Mark

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