Saturday, August 27, 2011

Neginegi ramen at Yataimura

The Neginegi ramen is so nice, you have to say it twice. That's what the photo says. Heaps of sharp, grassy Tokyo negi swim in a thick, rich pork broth carried by thin al dente noodles.

Yataimura at Shirokiya is currently featuring a ramen festival with popular dishes from around Japan. The bowl of ramen I just finished is from Menya Ifou Do Do in Osaka.

The kitchen crew was a well-oiled machine, cranking out these bowls in the face of a long line of hungry ramen fans. It was with the precision of a Soup Nazi line that I got to the head of the long line, ordered the Neginegi ramen, and was immediately served a steaming bowl of ramen. This bowl was a very of-the-moment dish, an immediate momentary bliss as the aromas wafted up to my nose. In the noisy slurp of the noodles, right there and then, I realized life is just a bowl of ramen, and it is good.

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