Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pic of the Day: Bento box

UPDATE: The bento shown here is actually from Biggie in San Francisco. Check out Lunch in a Box: Building a Better Bento for excellent coverage of all things bento.

The POTD comes from the slideshow of bento boxes that accompany the NYT 09-08-09 story "Bento Boxes Win Lunch Fans" by Samantha Storey. Bentos are a part of growing up in Hawaii and part of the reason why plate lunches came to be. It's remarkable how bento creativity is spread across the country. The bento shown here is from a woman in Edmonds. There are also bentos from San Leandro, CA., and Tampa, Florida. Much like the tiffin meals of India, bentos bring the taste of home into the workplace.

Photo: Deborah Hamilton, NYT, 08-08-09


Biggie @ Lunch in a Box said...

Ah, actually, the photo isn't from a woman in Edmonds, it's from me in San Francisco. I'm Deborah Hamilton -- I'm over at Lunch in a Box. The captioning and photo credit in the NYT article were a little confusing. :-) Glad you like the bento!

Honolulu Mark said...

Thanks for the correction. Yes, the bento pics are great!