Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A red velvet cake moment

Eastern and Western mystics and poets point with words and signs to the moment of bliss, that extraordinary moment in everyday life that catches you by surprise, that moment in the timeless, ever present now, when you feel truly alive. You thought you were awake and alive, breathing in, breathing out, heart beating to the pulse of the city streets stretched out before you and your companion walking together along 1st Ave. in the cool of the evening beneath the electric glow of street lights. And then along comes the serendipity of sharing a generous slice of the red velvet cake at The Chocolate Box just across 1st Ave. from Pike Place Market.

I knew The Chocolate Box would be open late (Friday and Saturday ‘til 10 pm), that’s where we headed in the midst of our Saturday night. Almost everything else is closed around the Market area, but The Chocolate Box shines as a beacon of chocolatey goodness. I was expecting to pull up a chair for an espresso or a hot chocolate and a cupcake from Look, a gelato, or truffles to enjoy, until I saw the gorgeous red velvet cake sitting there on the counter. A moment of bliss is a mystery escaping the boundaries of mere words, but I can tell you that, sometimes, it tastes like red velvet cake.

When isn’t it a good time for chocolate? Autumn begins today; go to The Chocolate Box tonight, after the tourists are gone. Go after seeing Calder at SAM or before a later night out. In the dead of winter, find an oasis of steaming hot chocolate.

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