Sunday, October 05, 2008

Early fall farmers market picks

This weekend at the neighborhood farmers market red chard and Asian pears lead the way to what to cook local. The red chard lead me to the Wooly Pigs people where they have the best bacon in town. Frying up this primo bacon, I added the chard and drizzled a little honey into the pan. Served these with couple of eggs and slices of fresh Asian pear.

I bought a bag of Asian pears and as I was munching on this ripe and ready golden fruit, I was thinking that it's fall now and that means soup, Asian pear soup. Or, actually, Asian pears with a bunch of carrots from the market, leeks and sweet corn in a chicken stock. Pictured here is the soup after I pureed the ingredients and seasoned with coarse sea salt, fresh cracked, three-pepper blend and a dash of Tabasco.

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