Saturday, August 13, 2011

Taiwanese shaved ice

Taiwanese shaved ice at City Cafe, Honolulu, Hawaii: There are three rules every pedestrian sauntering through the streets of Honolulu follows to try to stay cool in the tropical heat. Always walk on the shady side of the street whenever possible. 2. When waiting to cross a traffic signalled intersection, always stand in the shade of the signal post, or the nearest tree or building. C. Always know where the nearest shave ice shop is. A brain freeze is a saving grace on a hot day.

Here's where the finer points of texture come into play. How do you like your ice shaved? Roughly cut chunks, finer shards, snow cone? Loyal fans of City Cafe, Waiola Shave Ice and Matsumoto Shave Ice are no flakes when it comes to their favorite textures. City Cafe is located on Makaloa Street in a strip mall a block away from the Ala Moana Nordstrom. If you're in that neck of the concrete jungle, and even if you're not, City Cafe has the best Taiwanese shaved ice in town. The toppings are a signature of the Taiwanese style. The dish in the photo is all about the textures. The coffee jelly is a bold flavor with a Gummi bear chewiness, the sweet azuki beans are smooth and creamy. The caramel flan is a silky, rich custard. All of them are a delightful play in contrasts to the crunchy, chunky ice.

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