Saturday, July 23, 2011

Salmon roe musubi

Salmon roe musubi at Musubi Iyasume, Honolulu, Hawaii: Biting into this purse of rice and seaweed reveals a treasure trove of bright, salty salmon roe nestled in flaky bits of pink salmon.

Here at Musubi Iyasume, on Makaloa Street, a block away from the Ala Moana Nordstrom, it's the Japanese twist on the taco. Instead of tortillas, you can choose to have your ume or salmon, egg, clams, and yes, your SPAM wrapped in rice and nori. At about $2 a musubi, pick up a pack and enjoy a variety of flavors.

Growing up in Hawaii, musubis remind me of "small kid time", childhood days spent swimming at Kailua Beach, stopping only to refuel on musubis and karaage chicken made by mom.

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