Monday, August 09, 2010

Leonard's Bakery li hing malasadas

Leonard’s Bakery malasadas have been a delicious Hawaii icon for generations. The pillows of golden fried dough puffed up in the deep fryer compel you to bite into the still warm release of their crunchy on the outside and meltingly chewy on the inside sweetness. Leonard’s malasadas are dusted with granulated snow white sugar, cinnamon sugar or, an only in Hawaii taste sensation, cherry blossom pink li hing sugar.

The li hing sugared malasada is a near whole palate experience. Bite into the warm crunchy chewiness of the li hing sugared malasada and you experience wave upon wave of sweet, salty, and piquant flavors. In Seattle, one of the simple pleasure that produces long queues in the Pike Place Market is Daily Dozen Donuts. Fresh out the deep fryer these little gems, dusted with their own kind of magic fairy sugar, cannot be beat. In the same way, the sight of the red and white striped Leonard’s wagon is a beacon of sweetness that draws all who want to indulge in one of the tastiest of island traditions.

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