Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finding Josephine at the market

Autumn Martin brought her Hot Cakes to the University District Farmers Market last weekend. You'll find her out and about again this weekend at the U-District and Ballard Markets. In addition to her renowned molten chocolate creations, caramel sauces and truffles, she also brought financiers she named after her sister whose nickname is Josephine.

A glance at a few recipes show that financiers are made with buerre noisette, flour, almonds, sugar and egg whites. The description on Martin's website notes a "hint of rum" as well. Martin also names the farmers and producers she sources from including local favorites Bluebird Grain Farms, Stiebers Farms, Theo Chocolate (where she worked as Head Chocolatier), and Thundering Hooves.

Go early to get these Josephines because you will have plenty of competition. Last weekend I was lucky to get the last couple of financiers on display. The voice of the woman standing behind me ached with just a hint of pathos as she asked if there were any more Josephines left. Martin looked to the box beneath the table, smiled, and said "there's four left!"

Josephines are similar to the Madeleines that famously sent Proust into an epic tizzy. Josephines, pictured here, are different in shape but similar in texture to Madeleines. Both are a sponge cake that takes to tea like ducks to Greenlake. As a breakfast or sweet treat anytime, Josephines pair well with tea, coffee or wine. I enjoyed my Josephines at brunch with a cup of Stumptown brewed in a French press pot. While Josephines may well induce ecstatic moments in each bite, writing the next great novel is all up to you.

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Autumn said...

thanks so much, mark! i really appreciate the positive feedback...made my day!