Monday, March 15, 2010

Portland brings it to Mobile Chowdown 3

Arriving after noon at Mobile Chowdown 3 last Saturday, I wasted no time in lining up to check our street food friends from Portland. Potato Champion is all about the fries, street food particularly tasty around the wee hours. The fries and the poutine were worthy challengers to their Seattle counterpart, Skillet Street Food.

The line up to the order window at Potato Champion.

Handing down the goods to the hungry masses below.

Too bad, so sad that I got to Mobile Chowdown 3 too late to do a fry by fry comparison of Skillet Street Food versus Potato Champion. But check out what Jay Friedman has to say about this poutine throwdown.

Koi Fusion features a Korean taco with fillings like bulgogi and short ribs. I would love to have both Koi Fusion and Marination Mobile in Seattle. Both tacos have a tasty twist on their beef and pork tacos. And now I can say I've been to both and only Kogi BBQ left to go. Marination Mobile, however, stands alone in bringing to Seattle what Hawaiians have long known, SPAM is good food.

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