Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pic of the Day: Spicy Pork Torta

In my ongoing quest to be consumed by the best tortas in town, I made my way to the Marination Mobile for their spicy pork torta. As we say back in Hawaii, it's onolicious.

I'm standing in front of the Indoor Sun Shoppe using their balcony as a table here. Across the street a crew of tree cutters has stopped for lunch and one of them is ruminating on the menu. "I'll take the spicy pork torta," he says. "But no guacamole. And no onions. And... nunya? What's that?" Boy, that never gets old does it? But, instead of the answer that should come with a rimshot, the woman in the window replies, "Nunya's delicious sauce, you want that." Yeah, I'd take all ya nunya any day.

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