Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New feature: Seduced by End Caps

I coming out here to say that I'll let myself be seduced by end caps, those brazen displays of product promotion at the ends of aisles in the grocery store. But only if it's a new thing, or at least, new to me.

This weekend I was browsing for something to take along to a friend's apartment. A tower of chips stood out on the end cap shouting "Hey, look at me!" Chips, schmips, no big. But, wait, on second glance, I saw this bag was shouting "Hey, look at me! I'm CHOCOLATE TORTILLA CHIPS." That got my attention.

Later that day, at my friend's apartment, I wasn't the only one pleasantly surprised by this semi-sweet, salty snack. "Hey, what's this? It's tortilla chips but they taste different," she said. "I know, weird huh? It's chocolate!" I answered. "Weird, but good! I love these chocolate chips."

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