Monday, August 24, 2009

Salmon, peach tomato chutney, simply summer

Loki Fish delish!
Red Haven peaches, ripe and ready to eat, shone like the sun at the U-District Farmers Market last weekend. I would have gladly eaten my precious purchase right then and there but I saved them for a super simple recipe that pairs peaches and tomatoes with salmon.

Get out! Peaches and salmon? Yes, get out to the farmers market to find the guys from Loki Fish Co. selling their fresh catch. They'll help you pick out a nice fillet to steam or poach. Nothing complicated here. This beautiful fish stands on its own and with this sauce it dances.

Once you've got that pale pink beauty ready, here's all you do. Dice up a cup of peaches and combine it with a tablespoon of Trader Joe's Tomato Chutney. (Keep that ratio of 1 cup of fresh, diced peaches to 1 T. of TJ Tomato Chutney to make as much as you want.)

The sweet chunks of peaches as shown in the photo are dazzling playing off the tangy, spicy chutney. Check out the ingredient label on the TJ bottle: tomatoes, cider vinegar, cane sugar, cumin, salt, curry spice blend, chili, ginger, garlic. That's it. It packs some heat but it's cooled by the peaches. Serve it warm or cold.

And, to get the scoop on more fresh fish news, check out the Loki Fish Co. Market Fresh Blog.

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