Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hawaiian-style brunch: Kauai Family Restaurant

As the seagull flies, there's approximately 2679 miles between here and hometown Honolulu. And yet, there are several decent Hawaiian-style restaurants here. As far my appetite for down home island comfort food is concerned, nobody beats Kauai Family Restaurant in Georgetown. This recent trip absolutely had to include malasadas.

The breakfast of champions in Hawaii, the malasada is deep-fried, sugary bliss; crunchy on the outside, light and cakey on the inside. What doughnuts in Seattle are to their devotees, malasadas are to Hawaii fans of this pastry. So when a friend, another expat islander, said we have to go to Kauai Family Restaurant on a Saturday morning to get malasadas, of course, I couldn't say no.

Such a deal! You get 10 in a bag for four dollars!

Those malasadas, of course, were just for starters. I also enjoyed this dish of kalua pork, eggs and rice. For those not familiar with kalua pork, just think Hawaiian-style, fork tender, silky, almost melt in your mouth, pulled pork.

She had the saimin bowl, a classic favorite anytime day or night.

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