Friday, August 07, 2009

Kalbi taco and spam musubi muy ono

The South Lake Union Block Party was my first time to try the Korean-Hawaiian-style taco truck known as the Marination Mobile.

I chose the kalbi taco and spam musubi for my first impressions. See the translation note someone added just below the word Kalua? It says "pork" with a smiley and an arrow pointng to Kalua. That's just in case you're standing in line and wondering what the heck a Kalua kim chee quesadilla is. I suspect nothing gets lost in translation once you bite into it though. It's all good.

The menu is quite familiar if you were born and raised in Hawaii, although I never thought I would see kalbi (the Korean marinated meat) and taco (the Mexican staple) come together to make one tasty dish. My first impression is indeed muy ono! ( That would be a Mexican-Hawaiian "very delicious.") The sweet, tangy beef in a soft taco setting is simple and sublime.

The kalbi taco elicited more than a few OMG! praises from other snackers there.

The humble staple of my childhood is raised to the exotic as Seattleites appreciate SPAM in a whole new way.

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