Friday, July 17, 2009

Seattle Chocolate Salon tasting notes

The Seattle Chocolate Salon 2009 on July 12 featured several of the usual local suspects and two outstanding caramels from Big Sky Country Montanna: Forte Chocolate and Posh Chocolat.

Forte brought a chipoltle honey caramel that starts out sweet but finishes with heat. Velvet texture, good balance of honey and kick of spice.

Salted caramels were everywhere. Of course, they are always popular but I wonder if the Obama effect has boosted them even more. Posh Chocolat stood out among the rest for its' use of pink Hawaiian sea salt. As one of my chocophile companions remarked, "Ooh, you know there was a whole long Twitter conversation about Hawaiian sea salt caramels."

Claudio Corrallo in Ballard continues to be among the best of the best. Their 75 percent chocolate is a bold, classic beauty; Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The 80 percent with crystallized sugar is sandy in your mouth; what the beach would taste like in a Willy Wonka kind of world. The 100 percent is pure, unadorned cacau, a chocolate slap in the face.

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