Saturday, February 07, 2009

U-District Farmers Market winter dish ideas

Today's winter dish ideas come from the savoy cabbage and fresh shiitake mushrooms I found today at the U-District Farmers Market. The bright, citrus notes from cardomom combined with salty, pork goodness from prosciutto bring bold flavors to this winter cabbage.

For the savoy cabbage, I sauteed some garlic in olive oil until golden brown and threw in some bits of prosciutto. I added one head of chopped savoy cabbage, sea salt and fresh-cracked black, green and red pepper, then stir-fried a few minutes before adding a little water and covering to steam the pan. Before I covered the pan, I also added a handful of crushed cardomon. After several minutes, the mound of cabbage was reduced to bright green shreds, wilted but still retaining a little crunch.

For the shiitake mushrooms, I saved some for later, but sliced most of them and threw them into my rice cooker with one of my staples: one part Kashi pilaf to two parts sweet brown rice.

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