Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Ballard Farmers Market

A little snow flurry and wicked chilly winds did not deter me and other brave souls from the Sunday Ballard Farmers Market. The Swinery was supposed to start selling their goods at the market today and I just had to get my hands on their signature bacon and salumi. Alas, when I got there, it was not to be. The guys apologized, saying a last-minute city permitting glitch prevented them from purveying their porcine treasures. Come back next week they said.

But it wasn't a complete loss, as I also looking for the Secret Stash Sea Salts, a local artisan producing small batches of flavored sea salts. Using a natural process and local ingredients whenever possible, they make sea salts that add a kick of flavor in just a pinch. Just imagine what you'd like to add, for example, a hit of salty nicoise olive to complement its' flavor. It could be as simple as roasting local sweet potatoes. You can't go wrong when that sweet meets this salty.

Another find that turned out to be a tasty surprise was this kombucha made by Communi-Tea. Made with green tea, this is alight, refreshing kombucha that's made right here in the city.

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