Monday, March 17, 2008

Song of the Day: 'The McLaughlin Groove'

The Song of the Day comes from that most excellent of news and satire shows Fair Game with Faith Salie.

The story behind The McLaughlin Groove comes from Exclusive Andrew W.K. song on 'Fair Game' on PRI.

Rock star Andrew W.K. was so inspired by a clip from the weekly political forum "The McLaughlin Group" that he put the words to music in a new song created especially for "Fair Game" from PRI with Faith Salie. It’s called “The McLaughlin Groove.”

That's why "Fair Game" is thrilled to welcome songwriter and rock star Andrew W. K., who was so inspired by Mclaughlin's artistry -- his POETRY -- that he's used it as the basis for a new rock song.

Watch the video animation of the song here on the Fair Game blog.

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