Monday, March 19, 2007

Hey there, hot stuff, what's your GPS coordinates?

Ann and Al chatted with Men's Health dude about the MH article on top cities to find a mate. Cities were rated grades A to F. West Coasties, Portland, OR, C+, L.A. B-, Seattle A-, San Jose A and San Francisco A+. What's up with that?
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Men's Health pored through reams of research and stacks
of studies to uncover the coordinates for the best places to meet your match.

In order to find the latitude and
longitude for love, the magazine crunched the numbers for 101 cities, analyzing
their ratio of single men to women, percentage of divorced men (never married is
more likely to stay married), the physical shape of the suitors (a fit man won't
a widow make), the percentage of men who open their wallets wide to charity
(they'll give in a relationship, too), the percentage of guys who've graduated
from college (you want a brain to go with that brawn), and finally, the
availability of chemistry-building activities (sharing in high-adrenaline sports
produces a mutual boost in attraction).

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