Thursday, August 09, 2012

Pig and the Lady pho

It rained one of those five to seven minute squalls at the Thursday evening Kailua Farmers Market. You know, one of those tempests in miniature whipped around by the trade wind breezes that provide a little relief to the sticky heat. But neither the rain nor the heat could keep me from the pho at the pop-up The Pig and the Lady. This week it was the chicken pho w/ the poached egg as seen in the photo above. As I dipped into the soup and noisily slurped up the rice noodles, here came the rain. But I just whipped out my windbreaker and @VH07V cap and kept right on eating. Meanwhile, the kitchen crew quickly erected a tarp canopy to keep the table covered. Such are the risks of dining al fresco. Risks, however, well worth taking when it comes to the delectable dishes at @pigandthelady.

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