Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Akaton vs. miso ramen

Like Godzilla vs. Mothra, akaton vs. miso ramen are two monster bowls of flavor contending for your taste buds now at Yataimura Shirokiya. Akaton (above photo) comes from Menya Ifu Do Do, making a return appearance from last year as the crowd favorite in the ramen fest. Yama Arashi Ramen Sapporo is here until January 15. It's close but I have to bow to Yama Arashi as the winner in this iron ramen competition. The ginger and butter in the miso broth in the Yama Arashi bowl is a slurp above the spicy chili oil Menya Ifu Do Do. If you go for the akaton, be sure to get the mustard cabbage topping which adds another layer of flavor. (Photo by Honolulu Mark)

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