Sunday, November 06, 2011

Momo Burger

Momo Burger is a new truck that hit the streets of Honolulu about a month ago. Colin Sato is the man behind the spatula slinging burgers. The menu features the classic cheese burger and bacon cheese burger, as well as a kim chee burger, veggie burger, teri burger, and mushroom burger. There's also an interesting lamb burger.

I tried the kim chee burger when I spied Momo Burger parked on Ward Ave. near the Patagonia store at Ward Gateway on a recent Saturday afternoon. The kim chee burger is kalbi glazed beef with kim chee slaw and ko chu jang aioli in a toasted sesame bun. Pair that with some seasoned garlic fries for a om nom nom worthy lunch.

Find the Momo Burger at Taco'ako Tuesday and on Saturdays for lunch at the Ward Ave. spot.

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