Monday, December 06, 2010

A taste of Hungary in Honolulu

Zsoli's Chimney Cakes photo by Honolulu Mark

Remember when "tubular" meant something good? Remember how good you felt when you heard "Tubular Bells"? No, this is not a hazy flashback. I bring that word back from a bygone era because that is what Zsoli's Chimney Cakes are. Tubular. Really.

Chimney because of their tubular shape, cake because of their cakeyness, Zsoli's Chimney Cakes are a Hungarian street treat just as you would find them as you wend your way through the streets of Budapest. They are unlike anything else here in Honolulu. The closest pleasure would be biting into a fresh, hot malasada; sugary, light, airy, crispy, chewy bite after bite. But these chimney cakes are a singular sensation. As you unwind the chimney cake, transforming it into a spiral, you taste crispy edges and moist cake here and there.

Chimney cakes come in five flavors: original, pecan, cinnamon, chocolate sprinkles and rainbow sprinkles (or do you call them jimmies? I've witnessed passionate debates over what these candy decorations are called.) I recommend getting the cinnamon along with a dipping cup of Nutella. Fresh, hot off the rack, the cinnamon with the chocolate and hazelnut - totally tubular.

Want to know the latest goings on with Zsolt and Liza? Follow them at @ChimneyCakes.

Photo by Honolulu Mark


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I would love to see how these are made. A great idea a tubular cake, just the look of these is awesome, do you get a whole cake or do they slice off a piece. I am going to go and see what I can find about these on line, thanks so much.