Sunday, October 24, 2010

Melt says, get your cheese on, Honolulu

Aker Briceno Melt food truck Honolulu photo by Mark NakagawaThe Melt truck rolled into the Fitted parking lot on Kona St. for their grand opening on Saturday, Oct. 24. The name refers to what happens when gourmet cheese meets hefty bread for a comfort food favorite: grilled cheese sandwich. Aker Briceno took orders and handed out the cheesy goodness.

Lindsey Ozawa Melt food truck Honolulu photo by Mark Nakagawa Chef Lindsey Ozawa delivered the goods to Briceno during the day that began at 11:00 a.m. and ended at 3:30 p.m.

Martha Cheng Melt food truck Honolulu photo by Mark NakagawaMartha Cheng kept the grill going fast and furious. The opening day menu featured:
  • Triple Melt - Cave-aged gruyere, Vermont cheddar, Dutch gouda on sourdough $5
  • Bacon Melt - Cave-aged gruyere, Hobbs bacon, onion apple sage jam on wheat $8
  • Harissa Melt - Dutch gouda, house made harissa on rye $6
  • Melt of Shame - Kuahiwi beef quarter-pounder, sauteed onions, Melt special sauce between TWO Vermont cheddar cheese sandwiches $11
Photos by Honolulu Mark. Follow Melt on Twitter to find out where they will be next. Mari Taketa on Nonostop Honolulu and @AlohaBruce also covered the scene.

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