Sunday, June 21, 2009

Keep it simple summer is here

Summer is officially here and so is the "keep it simple summer" series of fresh dish ideas featuring local produce. There will be some recipes down the road but for the most part it's all about hoping to enjoy the local produce at its' simplest, freshest and finest. I don't want to spend too much time away from the sunny days outside but I do want to eat real good food.

What's fresh now are strawberries and asparagus. Also, check out the full list of what's fresh at the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance website.

Asparagus is a great keep it simple summer food. Think of the nude bicyclists at the Fremont Summer Solstice parade to remember to serve asparagus naked. Just steam it, season it with salt and pepper and a squeeze of fresh cut lemon. Top it with one or two eggs fried in extra virgin oil. Keep the yolks soft so that it sauces the asparagus. What could be more summery than the sunny yellow yolks running down over the bright grassy green of the asparagus? To make it even better, finish it with Secret Stash Sea Salts Nicoise Olive Salt. You can find them at the Ballard Farmers Market. Your tastebuds will bow down to you like Wayne and Garth. Serve with a hunk of baguette and cheese or a salad.

Local strawberries, like the Shuksans from Skagit Valley, are ripe and ready right now. Eat them as soon as you can. Besides eating them naked, I also cut them up and toss them with chopped fresh mint, a little brown sugar and a dash of sea salt. Try it on yogurt or ice cream.

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