Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cap Hill rejoices as Molly Moon's second opens

Woof, I'm Molly's dog, Parker Posey
The second coming of Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream opened on Capitol Hill about a month ago and I finally got to check it out. I was out with a friend and this was her first trip to the Molly Moon.

What I love about Molly Moon's ice cream treats? Coming up with a different pairing of flavors each time I indulge in a visit there. The salted caramel and cardamon pairing I had on a previous trip to this shrine of creamy goodness transported me from the streets of Wallingford to some distant shore on the Indian Ocean with its' intense exotic flavors and yet a hint of childhood candied memories.

A long line snaked out the door last Thursday night while a faint scent of fresh waffle cones made the several minutes waiting exquisitely torturous. Finally, we got to see the what was on the chalkboard menu. As my friend ran through her battery of taste tests, I scanned the board and made my decision: The Sasquatch topped with vanilla bean caramel. The Sasquatch is chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks, caramel chunks, and granola. Yes, granola. Anyway, vanilla bean caramel plus Sasquatch equals a Snickers bar on steroids.

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