Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Plate lunch truck Seattle style

I came across ( by way of Eat All About It) what looks like it may be the closest thing to a Hawaiian plate lunch truck. These mobile kitchens have been a part of Honolulu urban eats for generations, feeding hungry shipyard and factory workers, and now office workers, plates of pan-Asian-American fusion.

In Seattle, of course, Skillet Street Food has been garnering all kinds of props both locally and nationally. Skillet is a different take altogether from a plate lunch truck; a gourmet bistro in a shiny Airstream trailer. Now I see that a new outfit, Marination, will soon be coming to a street near you offering "Korean and Hawaiian curb cuisine."

I'm intrigued. Will it be more like the renowned Korean Kogi in L.A. or leaning more toward the island-style like You Hungry in Honolulu?

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