Tuesday, March 24, 2009

QOTD compels baristas to take a shot at you

The Quote of the Day from Melissa Allison's Coffee City blog on Seattle Times.com. Her post announcing the forthcoming publlication of "Tall Skinny Bitter: Notes from the Center of Coffee Culture" by Dani Cone and Chris Munson includes the following list. She writes,

"I wondered about the book's title, because I don't think of Dani as bitter. But it's there if you dig. Take this list from the book:

Top 5 Things Customers Say That Make Baristas Want to Punch Them in the Face

1. Happy Friday!!!

2. Why are you yawning? Don't you know you work in a coffee shop?

3. Barista: How's it going? Customer: Tall mocha.

4. Can I have a caramel macchiato?

5. Really? This is all you do? I assumed you did something else with your free time."

Dani Cone is the owner of the local espresso haven known as Fuel Coffee as well as High Five Pie.

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