Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Temple of Porcine Love now in Ballard


When The Swinery (their motto: "Temple of Porcine Love") comes to the Ballard Farmers' Market on Jan. 25, I'll be six degrees closer to another local slice of hog heaven. (The other being, of course, Wooly Pigs.)

Rebekah Denn at the P-I reports: "The Swinery, chef Gabriel Claycamp's new meat-focused business, should be in business at the Ballard Farmers Market starting this Sunday. (It was listed as a vendor last week, but it should be for real this time.) " P-I, 01-20-09

The website displays what these purveyors of porcine love will have available at the Ballard market. Bacon is sure to sell like, well, bacon, but they will also have salumi, confit and fat, and various stocks. Email them in advance and have your order ready to pick up at the market.

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