Friday, December 19, 2008

Posole in Pioneer Square

Braving the frigid weather in search of a good lunch, I came across the Elliot Bay Cafe, the new eatery opened by Tamara Murphy, chef and owner of Brasa in Belltown.

You may remember what previously was called the Elliot Bay Cafe was that forgotten piece of the Elliot Bay Book Co hidden away in the dark basement of that storied establishent where I dared to venture if only for an author appearance in the reading room a flight down creaky stairs or to see a man about a horse in the scary restrooms. I can't remember the last time I even thought about going there for any kind of repast.

That was before the stars aligned and the gods of what to eat with what you read brought the James Beard Award-winning chef to revamping this piece of the Seattle icon situated in Pioneer Square. The dank and dark basement has been transformed to warm and bright and the menu features dishes that would satisfy any bibliophile.

My first taste was quite a pleasant surprise. I did not even look at the menu. I stood there, distracted by the extreme makeover, and when I came up to the counter to order had just caught sight of the specials' chalkboard that said simply "Green Chili Pork with Warm Tortillas, $7.95." Okay, I thought, sounds good enough to try. My pleasant surprise was that it turned out to be a hearty bowl of posole (northern New Mexican style, perhaps?) that warmed me up all the way back to work even through frozen streets.

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