Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tasty word of the day

William Safire's On Language column in the 11-23-08 NYT Magazine struck a foodie note in me.

Noting words that made the shortlist for "Word of the Year" by the New Oxford American Dictionary, he quoted "CarrotMob" as a “a flash-mob type of gathering, in which people are invited via the Net to all support and reward a local small ethical business by patronizing it at the same time.” I can think of a few places in town where that can definitely happen.

But Safire really liked "frugalista," as in:

Concerned about your budget in this year’s market debacle? Sharpening your pencil and tightening your belt, foraging for bargains but not altogether abandoning good food and good screens? Join the frugalistas!

One of my favorite frugalista practices is to find fixings at Whole Foods that won't break the bank. Stuff like bits of cheese fragments and prosciutto ends go a long way to kicking a simple soup or frozen pizza up a notch or two.

I also just scored with the Seeds of Change microwaveable rice pouches. No refrigeration necessary. Just drop it in your messenger bag or backpack for a decent lunch in your cubicle kingdom when paired with a small salad.

NY Times Magazine lettering by Jody Barton

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