Friday, April 11, 2008

Extravagant to the last drop

The £50 espresso at Peter Jones. Photograph: Martin Godwin

If you think four dollars for a cuppa coffee at Starbucks is expensive, try this London shop where the cuppa you see above is 50 UK pounds (which is about $98 at current exchange rates).

The extravagance is borne out of the blend, "an uncanny blend of Jamaican mountain and Indonesian jungle." That is, it's part Jamaican Blue Mountain and part Kupi Luwak. What is the Kupi Luwak? The Guardian explains:

Kupi Luwak beans come from Indonesia and are harvested by civets, the indigenous wild cat. These clever felines sniff out the choicest berries, digest the flesh, and pass out the bean in the way that nature intended. To call this the cat's whiskers of coffee would be a profound understatement.

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