Thursday, February 21, 2008

Don't get me started... but here's what I think about mass transit

Okay, you know the rules here, we have to have consensus on every [bleep] thing when it come to traffic, so here's a survey to take on the future of mass transit in the region.

According to the official word from Sound Transit:

In November 2007, voters turned down a large package of road and transit investments. Now, the Sound Transit Board of Directors is responding to the public’s support for voting on a transit-only measure by taking a renewed look at what transit service expansions would make the biggest and quickest improvements for commuters for the least cost. The survey will help shape the answers to vital questions like: How ambitious should a transit package be? What are the highest priorities for service expansions, ranging from light rail to regional express bus to commuter rail? How soon should a plan be brought to the voters for decision?

C'mon people, it's like the caucus, except you don't have sit in tiny chairs at the elementary school down the street. Mass transit. Save the planet. Drive less.

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